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Parece que você tem um Bloqueador de Anúncios ativo, e quem não usa?

Contudo a Agatha Edu se mantém essencialmente com a renda gerada por anúncios, desativa aí rapidinho, parça. 😀

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O trecho do segundo parágrafo “thanks to the plot of the Netflix detective series ‘Lupin’” expressa ideia de

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France wants to put a lid on the tourist crowds that flood historic landmarks and natural treasures each year, though officials have said it would not be easy. Tourism Minister Olivia Gregoire unveiled a plan to regulate visitor flows at the most popular sites and lay out a strategy against overtourism. She said France, the world’s biggest tourist destination, particularly needed to better manage the peak-season influxes that threatened “the environment, the quality of life for locals, and the experiences for its visitors”. The issue is urgent for prime destinations worldwide as international travel surges after covid-19 lockdowns. Many of the most revered French sites, such as the Mont-Saint-Michel abbey in Normandy, say they are overwhelmed by the number of visitors.

On the famed Channel beach of Etretat, which saw a tourism surge thanks to the plot of the Netflix detective series “Lupin”, the 1,200 residents see up to 10,000 tourists a day in the high season. “This massive influx ends up eroding the cliffs and endangers the beach cliffs,” co-head of the Etretat Tomorrow residents’ association Shai Mallet said. She also laments the lack of local economic benefits, with visitors staying just a few hours, maybe grabbing an ice cream but not constantly frequenting restaurants or hotels.

The government’s announcement comes as Paris, which is dealing with a housing shortage in part because homeowners prefer short-term rentals to tourists, said last week it expects 37 million tourists this year, just short of the pre-pandemic level of 38.5 million in 2019. Limits are already being set, with officials limiting day visits to the gorgeous Brittany island of Brehat at 4,700 during the peak summer months.

(www.euronews.com, 20.06.2023. Adaptado.)

34. (FAMEMA 2024) O trecho do segundo parágrafo “thanks to the plot of the Netflix detective series ‘Lupin’” expressa ideia de

  1. condição.
  2. comparação.
  3. consequência.
  4. causa.
  5. oposição.

Resposta: D

Resolução: O trecho "thanks to the plot of the Netflix detective series 'Lupin'" expressa ideia de causa. Isso porque o aumento no turismo na praia de Etretat é atribuído à trama da série de detetive "Lupin" da Netflix. Portanto, a opção correta é a D - "causa".