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Considerado o contexto, o termo “far”, na expressão “far less” (2º parágrafo), expressa

Questões de Conhecimentos Gerais na Fuvest


Over the last two decades, technology companies and policymakers warned of a “digital divide” in which poor children could fall behind their more affluent peers without equal access to technology. Today, with widespread internet access and smartphone ownership, the gap has narrowed sharply.

But with less fanfare a different division has appeared: Across the country, poor children and adolescents are participating far less in sports and fitness activities than more affluent youngsters are. Call it the physical divide. Data from multiple sources reveal a significant gap in sports participation by income level.

A combination of factors is responsible. Spending cuts and changing priorities at some public schools have curtailed physical education classes and organized sports. At the same time, privatized youth sports have become a multibilliondollar enterprise offering new opportunities — at least for families that can afford hundreds to thousands of dollars each season for club-team fees, uniforms, equipment, travel to tournaments and private coaching.

“What’s happened as sports has become privatized is that it has become the haves and have-nots,” said Jon Solomon, editorial director for the Aspen Institute Sports and Society Program. “Particularly for low-income kids, if they don’t have access to sports within the school setting, where are they going to get their physical activity?” Mr. Solomon said. “The answer is nowhere.”

The New York Times. 24 March 2023. Adaptado.

73. (Fuvest 2024) Considerado o contexto, o termo “far”, na expressão “far less” (2º parágrafo), expressa

  1. temporalidade.
  2. distância.
  3. antecipação.
  4. intensidade.
  5. progresso.

Resposta: D

Resolução: No contexto apresentado, o termo "far less" é usado para indicar uma quantidade significativamente menor. Portanto, o sentido expresso por "far" é relacionado a intensidade.